Tuesday, May 24, 2011

kitchen chairs

the chairs that came with our kitchen table were small and starting to break. I've loved these metal tolix chairs for a long, long time now, but didn't even want to pay the knock-off price. I saw these on Overstock and bought them, even though they only had the black ones in stock at the time. (I'm a bit impulsive, in case you didn't know.) They were a very good price, only $150 for 4 of them, and I figured I could spray paint them silver.

Well, no matter what anyone tells you, silver spray paint looks like just that, not like real metal. So, after ruining one of them, I tried to sell the other six (another one had been sat on wrong or dropped in shipment and the back was bent - not unusable, but different looking) on Craigslist so I could just bite the bullet and buy the ones from Home Decorators or even Crate and Barrel. No takers from Craigslist, and since I am impatient, I decided to strip them down to the metal.

Well, factory powder-coated finishes are really, really tough, and it took me a LONG time to get the paint off. Many, many coats of stripper and long hours in the garage with my respirator on.

But, in the end they look FABulous, and I learned my lesson, I think.


  1. Wow! These are AWESOME! You amaze me! And such a cool element in your house! And what lesson was it you learned, "Not to be so impulsive" or "That factory paint is really hard to get off" ;)

  2. I just bought some of these for my dining as well. I bought the white ones. Can't believe you took the time to strip them. It sounds like something that I would do :)

    they look great though!