Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The holiday season was so busy, that I never had a chance to blog about E's latest drama adventure. She played a pickpocket and an orphan in the middle school production of "Oliver" back in November. As a parent, I got the opportunity to help out, and I got the really fun job of working with another parent to decorate the courtyard entry into the auditorium. Now, you may think this is unnecessary, but it really adds to the atmosphere if as an audience member, you walk through the streets of London before you get to the orphanage.

I got this great idea to make these streetlamps from my friend's husband, who had made some a few years ago for a dance, but they had been so abused that he tossed them out. My father-in-law was in town to watch our children while we were in Paris, so he helped me (translation: he did all of it himself)

We used PVC pipe sunk in cinder block that was filled with concrete for the base and pole, and then my husband used foam insulation from Lowe's to construct the lamps on top. Father-in-law fitted them with lights, and the cord came down the middle of the pipe and then plugged into extension cords. We painted them black.

That's London Bridge over the door in the background - made out of 2 sheets of foam insulation as well.

We also used a left over aluminum pipe gate as a prop, standing it up in the dirt with a sign that read "Workhouse: Home for Paupers & Orphans" It turned out pretty neat for very little work.

E was adorable as one of Fagan's boys. Here she is in her costume - for some reason I don't have any shots of her the night of the play.

Monday, January 25, 2010

You snooze, you lose

That was fast! The dresser is spoken for. Unless he changes his mind.

Other furniture

I'm selling some other furniture, too. But I don't want to upload all those pictures, etc. so if you are interested in 2 leather sofas, 2 leather recliners, 2 area rugs, a coffee table, or some closet shelving, you can check out my facebook page or call me. It's all going on Craig's List tonight, too.

Free dresser

Poor A has been living out of this dresser for too long. We got it at a model home sale when she was still in utero, and it was too small for 2 little girls to share even then. But it was so adorable. She got a new one the other day, and I really have nowhere to put this one. If you would like it, call me and then come get it out of my upstairs hallway. If I don't give it away today, I'm going to sell it on Craig's List tonight.

It is missing one handle. I have the handle, I just don't feel like putting it back on. You can have the handle, too! Just come take it away!

It has been used by 2 girls for 13 years. It has had a few stickers put on it. And some crayon embellishment. But it is still very cute, and I'm sure some of you handy people can get the crayon off. I was too lazy.

Sometimes the drawers fall of the track. But it is so cute that you probably won't care. And your little girl will be so glad to put her clean laundry away in this brand-new (to her) dresser! Come claim it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Business trip project

When Eric has to leave for several days on business, I take the opportunity to work on a big project around the house. It keeps me busy, I can make all the decisions, and then it's a nice surprise for him when he gets home.

My downstairs bath was driving me crazy. Very boring, and I just couldn't decide what to do with it. I painted it a light khaki, but mistakenly used flat paint, so I had to repaint anyway. I left the ceiling the same color, repainted the walls the same color as the trim (a very light cream) and them added some molding detail and crown molding.




I'm still on the prowl for a new shower curtain, mirror and shelves. I love the way it's turned out so far, though!