Monday, December 19, 2011

dollhouse: paneling and furniture

thank goodness, the deadline for the dollhouse challenge has been pushed back to february. i still may not be done by then, at the rate i'm going, but i may at least have the one room i've been focusing on finished.

i redid the paneling in the living room this week. i had finished it a few weeks ago, but really didn't like the way it didn't meet in the corners. there were also a couple of spots where the bay windows connected to the square walls of the house that overlapped and looked really sloppy, so i wanted to take those off and clean them up and fix them so that i could get the wallpaneling to meet up right. this really explains why it is taking me so freaking long to finish this - not only am i a perfectionist, but i am working with a dollhouse that was put together somewhat sloppily and in the wrong order, so i have to keep "fixing" various parts. well, and i've never done this before, so i am learning as i go. but, oh well, i would rather take my time and do it right and maybe not finish by the deadline. when it starts to become stressful it stops being fun, right?

so, back to my paneling. i made it out of cardstock that i embossed using a stylus and a lightbox. i printed the shape of the paneling on the back of the cardstock and then embossed it, each wall on its own sheet of cardstock. after my first mistake of not overlapping the panels, i went back and left a bit of overlap at each corner, which worked MUCH better.

don't worry, baseboard, crown and window molding will cover up all that sloppiness.

a have also been working on the copper roof, but stopped without finishing when i realized that there was NO way i was going to be able to finish the whole house by dec. 15 and instead focused on the living room.

i also installed a porch light. it works, it just doesn't want to stay on the wall.

the whole house as of this weekend:

i also got some more furniture:

LOVE this piano, it is SO adorable

chinoiserie secretary striking a pose with adorable ghost chair.

these pieces are a little small scale for the house, but i think the chair at least will still work. i am going to paint it with fabric paint cuz that beige is blah.

anyway, stay tuned, hopefully once school is out etc, i will have a little more time to work on it. if i had my way, i would stay in my pjs and dollhouse all day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dollhouse update 3

I actually got a lot done on the dollhouse a few weeks ago, but then I got stuck about how to proceed and it has sat for several days.

But I did refinish this adorable set of furniture. Here is what it looked like before:

And here it is after:

Also notice the cute acrylic coffee table I made all by myself.