Thursday, February 2, 2012

i'm a giant challenge - master bedroom

chinoiserie secretary - ebay
ghost chair - wedding supply
rug - craft fur
glass jar - jewelry finding, hobby lobby
pillow, books - made by me

blue urn - vintage limoges
teacup, brass goblet - ebay
mirrored tray - hobby lobby
garden stool, perfume bottles, artwork, shelves, books - made by me

rug - craft fur, hobby lobby
purple ombrey coverlet - joann's
curtains, pillows, bed, wallpaper, lamps, mirror - made by me

LED battery powered mini-lights (in lamps) - in the wedding aisle @ hobby lobby

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm a giant reveal - bedroom peek

was up til way late last night making a bed, lighting, drapes, etc.

still not done. the bedroom is done! at least it's habitable - done enough to show. we all know people who try to save money when building a home by doing some of the work themselves. i personally know of at least 3 families who decided to do the finish carpentry themselves, and then 3 + years later, were still living in a home with no baseboards or trim. well, if there were a family moving into my dollhouse, they would have no trim. well, some trim.

but they have drapes and furniture and accessories and even working lamps! (battery powered).

so, here's a sneak peek. the pictures have to upload and then require a bit of editing (i.e. poor lighting in my basement) so i'm going to bed.