Monday, April 26, 2010

everybody makes mistakes

and i make lots. especially when making paint choices.

how 'bout this one?

what the h*** were you thinking, you crazy woman? hello, it's the worst orange i've ever seen. it looks like a school bus. or a hunting vest. or a school bus full of hunters. in a construction zone.


but, the nice thing about making mistakes, is there's this thing called repentance.

1. sorrow for sin - i think i felt sorry the moment i opened the can. and continued to feel sorry while cutting in, painting 3 coats, and then each time i walked in there.

2. confession - i confessed to my husband (who was nice and just asked me if i really liked it), to my kids (who thought it was very bright) and to everyone who came to my house and saw my boys' room. and now i'm confessing to you. i made a really, really, big mistake.

3. abandonment of sin - i will never, ever, ever, ever, ever paint a room this particular shade of school bus orange again.

4. restitution - done! i did it! i have repaired the damage that my actions caused!

5. righteous living - i went beyond just making it right! i made it awesome! i not only fixed the ugly orange walls, i also fixed the ugly orange-y bunk beds, and the ugly mismatched bedding! it's not perfect, but SO much better!

i feel like a new person!


  1. You are on a roll girl! This must mean you are getting things ready to sell and moving back home :D I love what you've done. I need to paint my boys' bunkbeds and separate them too, but there's no room in there with a drumset now. :/ VERY fun and creative post!!!

  2. Wow! you are a busy girl! It looks like a whole new room.

  3. I'm so going to have to use this for an object lesson sometime. It is awesome! And I love the room after you repented. It looks so peaceful...

  4. LYDIA! YOu always make things perfect! You are so cool! Did you paint those bunk beds? I want to paint mine too!

  5. good job! the painted beds are great!

  6. Your repentance is complete, and it looks amazing!