Thursday, October 6, 2011

i'm a giant - weekly update

this is actually a bi-weekly update. over the last two weeks, this is what i've accomplished:

finished shingling the house

re-painted the outside a dark grey

installed tapewire for working lights

took out the staircase so i can fit my large hands into the space to install wiring

i also ordered some furniture and attempted to make a chandelier. the latter has not turned out so far, but i am learning as i go and think i may have figured out how to do it.

i am waiting on an order of more electrical components and some roofing material. the kit came with shingles for the roof, and the person who had originally started building the dollhouse had put sandpaper on the roofs of the windows, but i wanted to try a metal roof.

so, on the agenda for this week is:

install roofing
start laying flooring
try to not spend so much time on ebay looking at furniture


  1. wow! I like the new color WAY better! So fun, like being a kid again, only better.

  2. I'm interested in the way you did the copper roof. I noticed that you have round pieces of sticks under the copper??? Could you email me with how you did this? I am building the same dollhouse Beacon Hill and am very interested in this technique. Thanks