Friday, October 28, 2011

i'm a giant weekly (monthly?) update

alright, alright, i've had a lot going on. but here's what i've done lately:

wallpapered walls and ceiling, put up trim in nursery
(does any one know what doll's use for caulk?)

wallpapered the dining room - and this one was a bear because i had to fiddle around in photoshop for a LONG time to get the pattern to repeat right. and then it was still off and i had to redo.

made a wood floor for the studio

made a herringbone floor for the dining room. also a big pain. i tried SEVERAL methods for doing the herringbone, this one little floor took like 3+ hours, but it looks a lot better than some earlier versions.

and yes, i bought a lot of furniture. SO excited about the miniature ghost chairs! i think they are scaled up a little, but since the dolls who live in my house won't actually LIVE there, (except for some possible babies in the nursery- but wait, that's creepy to have babies but not grown ups to take care of them.)

anyway, my girls are not terribly interested. maybe its because i'm a control freak, or maybe they just are into ipods and boys and watching Psych. so it's all on me. and i picked a really big house.

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  1. so cute lydia!
    Yes, we have to have our nightly watching of Psych also.