Sunday, January 2, 2011

Somebody loves me...

Look what Eric made for me this weekend:

The builder wouldn't put slide out shelves in this cabinet because the gas line caused an obstruction in the back of the cabinet. But my smart husband figured it out:

He just put a notch in the back corner to allow for the gas line.

Here they are with the pots and pans in. It makes me so happy! Thanks, honey!


  1. WOW! Totally Perfect! Go Eric! I had these in my old house and they are a lifesaver! Enjoy

  2. Eric is a cool dude! You guys are awesome! Please come to the Philippines!

  3. Double Wow! He did a great job! Loren fixed some issues in my kitchen last week and totally surprised me while I was out all day. It made my week!!! Congratulations :)

  4. He is so handy! Could you send him my way? I have some like that and I love them!!! Your brother didn't get that gene, but he is a very hard worker (he is finishing a 2nd masters so maybe he can help you in school).