Sunday, February 14, 2010

One thing I love about winter...

I'm not a winter girl. I was born in Minnesota, but have never liked the snow. As a kid, I liked it for about one day, and then was ready for spring. As I've gotten older, it's only gotten worse. I grit my teeth and bundle up if everyone else insists that I come sledding, to be a good sport, but I'm really in agony the whole time. I prefer to stay at home and make hot chocolate for them all.

It didn't help, living in California and Arizona for a combined total of 8 of the 15 years that we've been married. It thinned my blood, and moving to Utah was a hard adjustment. And then we came to Ohio, which Eric claimed was "almost the South" (being across the river from Kentucky).

But there is one thing that I absolutely love about winter. We'll get a big snowfall, and then the next day, vivid sunlight which reflects off of the glittery snow and makes the whole world so bright. These are usually the days when the kids are home for a snow day, and the temperature is in the teens, but inside my house, it is glorious.

My living room faces south, and all that magical sunlight floods in and reflects off the white walls and makes me HAPPY!

I love to just sit and fold laundry, in a clean, bright, quiet house, and bask in all the light.

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