Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bathroom remodel

I finished redecorating the downstairs bath, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I need to remember to take REAL before pictures next time, instead of in the middle of the mess, but I think you get the idea.

I had the hardest time deciding what to do with this space, and it was always a little embarrassing that it was so bland and boring, but I absolutely LOVE it now! (I'll even come downstairs to use it, even though I have 3 bathrooms upstairs!)



The shower curtain fabric is from IKEA, I used 6 yards, but not really. I cut the center section out of 3 of the yards (I didn't want it too billowy and crowding the toilet) and used that for my kitchen cupboards. The edge pieces left over were sewn to the outside of the other 3 yards. I mounted the rod almost to the ceiling, I hate it that most shower curtains are way too short, like J's jeans. The artwork on the closest wall is a piece of cut stone from Indonesia that Eric brought back from a business trip.

I built the shelves. Well, sort of. Eric had started building me a bookcase for my office when I found the perfect thing somewhere else, (much to his relief) and these were made from the leftover pieces from that project. He had already faced the MDF with mitered birch, I just had to cut them down to size and add a small piece on one end, prime and paint, and then mount to the wall. They turned out great, but it was really hard to get them level from front to back, floating shelves tend to want to sag forward a little, but as long as I don't place eggs or pens on them, it shouldn't be a problem. The glass bottles are from IKEA as well (LOVE that place!) and the little horse is from China (another business trip find).

I moved the mirror downstairs from the master bath, the one that was there previously didn't fit inside the molding, but I think it looks better this way anyway. It's not perfect, but it works for now while I keep my eyes open for something better. The lacquered box is for holding girly items (no cupboards) and if I had remembered I had it I would have made the shelves deeper so it fit on them, but oh well, I think it looks nice on the tank. The towels are also from the master bath, they look better here too. All I need now is a basket for magazines and extra TP and it's perfect.


  1. of corse as always I think you are AMAZING! I need to do some things with all my bland rooms! haha! Love you!

  2. Nice work Lydia. I like how you make it all seem so easy and effortless. I admire in wonder and awe. Very beautiful.

  3. I like the floating shelves and the blue glass. The shower curtain look very elegant. Nice job.

  4. Lydia you amaze me! This totally floats my boat!

  5. You do such a great job designing! Love, love, love the bathroom!

  6. You are SO inspiring! I have been wanting to re-do my downstairs bath for a long time. I might just have to copy you mind??? Can't wait to see you in 3 days!!!!!!!

  7. Caroline! I always walk away from your downstairs bath and think i need to do something with mine, what are you talkin' about? Although, the molding and trim work would be fun, wouldn't it?! Lydia, it's so great! Love every detail. You're so talented!!! And your prom dress post was great. Your dresses are gorgeous and you will look amazing in them. Have a wonderful warm time.