Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The holiday season was so busy, that I never had a chance to blog about E's latest drama adventure. She played a pickpocket and an orphan in the middle school production of "Oliver" back in November. As a parent, I got the opportunity to help out, and I got the really fun job of working with another parent to decorate the courtyard entry into the auditorium. Now, you may think this is unnecessary, but it really adds to the atmosphere if as an audience member, you walk through the streets of London before you get to the orphanage.

I got this great idea to make these streetlamps from my friend's husband, who had made some a few years ago for a dance, but they had been so abused that he tossed them out. My father-in-law was in town to watch our children while we were in Paris, so he helped me (translation: he did all of it himself)

We used PVC pipe sunk in cinder block that was filled with concrete for the base and pole, and then my husband used foam insulation from Lowe's to construct the lamps on top. Father-in-law fitted them with lights, and the cord came down the middle of the pipe and then plugged into extension cords. We painted them black.

That's London Bridge over the door in the background - made out of 2 sheets of foam insulation as well.

We also used a left over aluminum pipe gate as a prop, standing it up in the dirt with a sign that read "Workhouse: Home for Paupers & Orphans" It turned out pretty neat for very little work.

E was adorable as one of Fagan's boys. Here she is in her costume - for some reason I don't have any shots of her the night of the play.


  1. You are such a piece of talent! seriously so cool!

  2. Whoa Lydia! This is amazing! Andy yay for Erin! Wish I could have been there to see it. My girls are playing orphans in a couple of months, except in the play Annie.

  3. Amazing! Your's is a talented family.

  4. WOW! Thats amazing! YOu never cease to amaze me Lydia! LOVE you!

  5. Way to go Erin! You're such an incredible person, just like your mom. And I've been meaning to tell you, I LOVE your new main picture in front of the Lincoln Memorial. We need to go!!!