Monday, January 25, 2010

Free dresser

Poor A has been living out of this dresser for too long. We got it at a model home sale when she was still in utero, and it was too small for 2 little girls to share even then. But it was so adorable. She got a new one the other day, and I really have nowhere to put this one. If you would like it, call me and then come get it out of my upstairs hallway. If I don't give it away today, I'm going to sell it on Craig's List tonight.

It is missing one handle. I have the handle, I just don't feel like putting it back on. You can have the handle, too! Just come take it away!

It has been used by 2 girls for 13 years. It has had a few stickers put on it. And some crayon embellishment. But it is still very cute, and I'm sure some of you handy people can get the crayon off. I was too lazy.

Sometimes the drawers fall of the track. But it is so cute that you probably won't care. And your little girl will be so glad to put her clean laundry away in this brand-new (to her) dresser! Come claim it!

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