Saturday, July 24, 2010

lampshade slipcover

i found these really cool lamps at Home Goods, but i really don't like the shades at all. they are cheapo faux silk, and the shiny pearly color doesn't do much for me, either.

so, i remembered reading about how Chris over at Just Beachy had made a slipcover for a lampshade, and decided to try it out!

i used the burlap from Erin's trek bag. it was the perfect color and texture.

i love the contrast between the rough burlap and the mercury glass lamp.

it brings some of the darker wood tone from the piano into that side of the room. (burlap is very stretchy and ravelly, by the way, i think next time i might use linen.)


  1. Who would've thought you could slip cover a lampshade! Truly amazing! I'm just so impressed that you actually attempt all these cool projects. Way to go...You ROCK!

  2. I love seeing your projects. You're such a do-er. I'm pretty good at coming up with projects, but the actual doing thing is another story. I just scrolled through and saw your lego table. Gavin is such a lego junky too. With all of our tools in Cincy, moving back is sounding better. We must have one.